1.  How do I get the FREE video, 4 reasons you are not healthy on the road and what to do about it? 

Click Here

2.  I heard I can access my strategies in an APP now. Where do I find that APP?

After you purchase one of the strategies or sign up for the FREE video, "4 Reasons You Are Not Healthy On The Road And What To Do About It," Go Here to download the FREE APP.

3.  Is there a money back guarantee on the strategies?

Yes, I know you are going to LOVE this strategy and find the success you have been looking for. BUT if you some reason you don't think this strategy is for you I will refund 100% of your purchase amount within the first 7 days of purchase. Purchase HERE

4.  How do I make an appointment to work with you over the phone one on one? (More information on coaching HERE.)

Spaces are limited: Apply Here  You will be contacted by email (in most cases, within one business day).  If you have questions go to the contact us page or email at [email protected].

5.  How much time do I commit to life coaching?

Think sports, Hollywood, and business. Every successful person that you know has been coached. It is a wonderful process but takes time and effort. In order to truly realize how beneficial life coaching can benefit you. I offer a 6 month package for those who are committed to change. You may find that you want to be coached beyond that 6-month time frame. If so we will address that when we get there, the decision is yours.

6.  How much does coaching cost?

Click here and scroll down to the Private Coaching area.

7.  What do you do with my information?
We keep any and all information completely confidential.  It is for our purposes only and will NOT be given out under any circumstances other than commanded by law.

8. I have more questions. What do I do? 

Wonderful, I love answering your questions. Just email me at [email protected]


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