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"Transform your life and health with the power of your gut"

Making the right choices for better health is a challenge for anyone, but being on the road makes it even harder. Having a simple step by step method with lists, examples, a menu, and even easy recipes makes it so much easier.

That's the secret.

Are you ready to Be Your Own Driver? Get ready for no gimmicks, no pills, no shakes, and no miracles. This book is going to inform you of some plain old simple methods that work by design, introducing overall health that begins in the gut.

This book targets truck driver health on the road.

SO, if you are not a truck driver? Okay, if they can do it, so can you!

You will LOVE this book too!

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Book Reviews

Carolyn not only has a special love for truckers, she has a gift for being able to convey this information in very practical ways. The text is straightforward and the health benefits are extremely well explained - it all makes sense and requires no special pills or drinks to transform your overall health by being the master of your own gut. The recipes are an extra added bonus, and again, very simple and basic. If you're looking for that one book to cover all the bases as far as gut health goes, this is it.

-Wendy Parker, Author and Rider with her truck driver husband


“I was looking for guidance.  I found it at a truck show when I met Carolyn. She provided the first steps.  Now with this book she has given me the stairway I need to survive.”
-Idella Hansen, Driver 45+ years. Treasurer, REAL Women in Trucking

Carolyn O'Byrne is spot on with her new book Gut Instinct: Transform Your Life and Health with the Power of Your Gut.  I found the information she provided to be informative and inspirational.  This is a great book for all who are wanting to travel down the "HEART SMART HIGHWAY" to better health!”
-Jeannie Lennox, truck driver and founder of Heart Smart Highway.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn last August in Dallas, TX. This  book  is  written  in  plain  English  terms  and  is easily  understood.   If  you  are  tired  of  big  pharma,  this  is  a  practical  guide.  I'm  encouraged  to  have  her  assistance  in  feeding  my  body  the  way  nature  intended.”
-Sandi Talbott, Driver 37 Years Vice President, REAL Women in Trucking, Inc.

“At last!  A book for those who desire to easily understand the vital health information they are so desperately seeking...and then be able to immediately apply it to reach their goals and success!”
-Allen Smith, Ask The Trucker Trucking Social Media

“Carolyn has used examples from her own life in how the food she ate impacted her and her family's health. Whether you are ready to completely change your diet and lifestyle or just looking to make small steps towards your goal. Carolyn has given you a good outline with tips and suggestions of how these changes can greatly impact your life. To make this even easier she has included a large number of her favorite recipes. Many of which can be easily adapted for cooking on your truck.  Live Well and Bon Appetite!!!”
-Tom Kyrk, Professional Driver Road Tested Living

"This book is a very easy read and has lots of easy recipes and will keep you healthy no matter your occupation."
-Monica Winkler

"Purchased my copy at a book signing and can instantly see how important this book will be to truck drivers as well as anyone who lives a modern fast paced (often fast food) life. O'Byrne has touched the tip of the iceberg on the health crisis facing Americans and with this book will encourage many of us to start our engines and head down that highway to a healthy gut and great health. Packed with tips and recipes for a better you. Great job O'Byrne."
-Dr. Adam Dickerson

"Great book!! Tons of info, this lady knows her stuff!!!!"
-Bobby, Automotive Sales

"Very informative information on what to do to help get your stomach in balance for optimum health. Very easy to understand and practical information on what to do to get started in getting your gut in balance. Recipes provided are easy to make and help you get a good start.  Recommend to those that want an easy to read, non-complicated way to better health."
-Carla Williams, Truck Driver

"This book is wonderfully written! I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their gut health. I enjoyed how the book is written for the current times and gives great tips and strategies for healthy eating. There are even recipes included!"
-Stephanie Hale, Mom

"Informational treasure"
-Joe Ammons

"Thank you for writing this book! Complex processes are explained in an easy to understand way and it is very positive and motivating. It's nice to realize that healthy eating can be done in any situation."
-Kyle Hinkle, Painter

"Thanks for the straight forward informative book ! We all need to understand what is happening to our health and how to correct the problems and as a driver I greatly appreciate Gut Instinct."
-Ginger Starcher, Truck Driver

"Loving this book! It simplifies healthy eating and the recipes are amazing! It proves that anyone can eat healthy no matter their occupation."
-Amanda Warden, Mom


Very interesting to read. Getting healthy while on the road is hard but this book breaks it down, so that a person can get healthy while on the road or at home.​

-Angela Lecomte

If anyone is a advocate for such a specific demographic its me- I think this is terrific!!!

-Ginger Wagner


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