Loyal Driver =

Driver Retention and Increased Bottom Line

Safety and driver retention is affecting your bottom line right now. How does it affect your future? What is your strategy?

Safety concerns are on the rise. Do you have control over this?


Wouldn’t you change it if you did?


There are somethings in trucking that you cannot change, but you can change this.


Just as I inform drivers that the only true healing is from the inside out, starting with their gut, your business works exactly the same. Driver safety and retention starts from the inside. To be the industry leader you must offer value and show them that you care.


Think about where you are now.


Where do you want to be in one year?


Never before in our history has the topic of better health been so popular. In 2017 Amazon bought the largest health food store in the world for 14 billion dollars. The proof is in the pudding.


Driver safety is expensive. Replacing drivers is expensive. Drivers who feel valued stay. Drivers that are in good health have less safety issues and are more productive. 


Are you losing them because of DOT physicals? 


Is your goal to be the company that leads the way in this fast-paced-better-health movement? 


Mindset is the key to results.


Nothing else will work. Think about it. Any productive employee in your company has a different mindset than those who are not. Why are drivers different? They are not.


Mindset will determine their safety, their attitude and their health. 


Mindsets are costing you money.


Let me help you bridge the gap between where you and your drivers are now to the place you want to be. Bottom Line.


To have a completed bridge you must have an instructor to determine the location and destination. Map out the plan. Inform and make aware of the processes, while providing the necessary tools and atmosphere to reinforce the plan.


Until this happens, there will be no bridge. 


All of my products are based on this exact formula. They are all available 24/7/365 online and in a free APP.  This makes it very easy and convenient to the driver.


My strategies can be yours.


· Driven To Health - physical health attainment

· Driven To Peace - emotional health attainment

· Driven To Stop - tobacco cessation

· My book “Gut Instinct” paperback, eBook, CD, audio download, and course format

· Driver health workshops


Increased driver safety and success = loyal drivers = increased customer satisfaction = increased bottom line!


Is what you are doing now getting the results that you really want?


I’d like to know.


Let’s set up a discovery appointment. 


Loyal Drivers Will Deliver:

  • Safe drivers
  • Better job performance
  • Fewer sick days
  • Successful DOT physicals
  • ​Improved outlook
  • Satisfied customers
  • Lower health care cost

Resulting In Driver Retention 

How I can serve you?

Driver programs for your company include: 

  • Healthy driver workshops
  • Group discounts for the book, “Gut Instinct

On line courses include: 

Now Available as an APP!

  • Driven To Stop (Smoking Cessation)
  • Driven To Health (Physical Well-being)
  • Driven To Peace (Emotional Well-being)

To get a personalized package that fits your organization, contact Carolyn O'Byrne, CHT 


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