Introducing Wellevate -

Being on the road makes it hard to have access to quality nutritional products. Getting your nutrients from your food is optimal but sometimes you just need a boost. Wellevate is the answer. It brings what you need right to your door.

A newly designed portal, that makes finding and ordering nutritional supplements a breeze.  I have been a practitioner with them for years. 

GREAT NEWS!!  Wellevate has just announced FREE shipping!

Click the link, create your free account, and start shopping.  


Berkey Water Filter

I have been using the gravity fed Big Berkey water filter for close to 15 years now, no electricity and no parts to fix.  I love it!   I know that the water that my family and I are drinking, is of top quality, and that is important to me.  They now have FREE shipping and even more goodies for you.  WOW! what a deal. 


Nicks Sticks

I have tried these and they are good!!  A yummy and healthy way to get a meat snack.  


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Being in control of your thoughts, means being in control of your life. You want this, so that you can be free from physical or emotional struggles such as tobacco, food, or negative thoughts. You are tired of feeling powerless against the battle within your mind.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you had the power to change all of this?